Club Membership

The Upper Canada Judo Club offers lessons to children and adults of all ages.  Classes are made available on a pay as you go basis with no contracts to sign.  Currently, the cost to join our sport governing body, Judo Ontario starts at $30 per year for children.

New students are encouraged to visit the dojo, watch a practice and join in when ready.  No uniform is required in the beginning - simply wear athletic pants, t-shirt and long sleeve sweatshirt (no hoods or zippers please).  Once a student  decides to train regularly, a judogi can be purchased at the club.

Please contact Sensei Burt with any questions concerning visiting our club or attending a practice.


About Judo

Judo was established in 1882 by Professor Jigoro Kano.  His goal was to modify and change many aspects of traditional jujitsu.  Judo emphasizes throws, hold downs, arm locks and strangulation techniques.  Judo is the ultimate full body workout that includes cardio vascular and strength development.

Due to the vision and drive of Sensei Kano and his original students, judo quickly spread around the world as a standardized Japanese martial art and sport.  This standardization of techniques has allowed judo to develop into an Olympic sport.  Canada has sent many representatives to the Olympics and World Championships with Nicholas Gill clearly putting Canada on the judo map with his spectacular performances.



Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I participate in judo?

  Judo is a full body workout and Olympic sport.  Students improve their physical fitness, learn to set and achieve goals and receive structured lessons with discipline.

Judo is a fun sport that includes elements of gymnastics with games, skill development and various levels of competition.

How much is it going to cost me?

  Judo is one of the most affordable of all the Olympic sports.  Classes are available on a pay as you go basis, therefore, students only pay for classes they attend.

Where can I get a judogi?

  Uniforms can be purchased at the club in various styles and quality.

What is a good age to start?

  Students can start as young as 4 years old.

Will I get hurt?

  Judo is a full contact martial art and Olympic sport.  All students begin with a thorough series of lessons designed to teach them how to land, tumble and participate safely.

Is judo suitable for women?

  Yes!  Judo is suitable for both men and women.  Our club has female students competing and achieving great results annually.

Are there competitions?

  Yes!  We have a very competitive club with students participating at all levels of competition across Canada and beyond.

Will I have to compete?

  No.  We have a very competitive club, however, students are encouraged to develop and achieve their own goals.  Non competitors can participate in many other areas of judo including tournament volunteers and/or officiating.

When can I start?

  New students are accepted throughout the year.  Our club trains year round.